Finance Manager (Manufacturing Pharma)

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Industry: Phamaraceuticals
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Manage Budgeting & Reporting, treasury, and Accounting functions including revenues, and/or accounts, payables and receivables, and payroll. as well as assisting in financial planning and cost analysis and reporting financial data to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and integrity.  Oversee and manage all accounting operations.


    Executive & Technical Duties:

    ·       Develop the Budgeting & Treasury function’s work plan for the concerned business units; assign work activities, projects and programs, monitor workflow, review and evaluate work methods and procedures, and direct such activities to serve the Department's goals and plans.

    ·   Prepare, coordinate & manage the development and implementation of Budgeting & Reporting functions, Treasury functions and Accounting programs, including financial, accounting and managerial operations, according to the requirements of the organization and its needs.

    ·    Manage and oversee the development of contracts, revenues, and/or accounts, and expenditures.

    ·      Manage the Accounting Function & ensure that all entries & JVs are properly handled as per the set rules & regulations.

    ·    Evaluate performance of the Accounting Department team in compliance with approved appraisal forms and recommend best course of action & improve communication and team spirit.


    ·     Oversee the preparation of working papers to ensure that expenditures for annual costs and for contracts are monitored against budgets, and that the reports are prepared to ensure balanced accounts.


    ·     Stay up-to-date with applied laws and regulations and maintain continuous compliance with general and specific accounting principles.

    ·      Monitor and approve expenditures as per accounting policies and procedures.

    ·     Continuously review the adopted methods and principles and develop existing accounting principles as appropriate.


    ·   Providing guidance and advice to the various departments to establish budgets with regard to the organization's policies and procedures in addition to effective control and utilization of financial resources.


    ·    Assisting the Direct Manager during the preparation of the yearly budgets and ensuring that they reflect the actual needs of company's department.


    ·  Coordinate with all Department Managers to provide advice and prepare budgets and feasibility studies, as well as internal audit and control.


    ·  Communicate with external auditors to coordinate audits.

  • Required Experience:

    ·  B.A. in Accounting/ Financial Management or equivalent

    ·  A minimum of 10 years’ experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing or general manufacturing in the KSA market, among which at least three years in a supervisory position.

    ·  Proficiency in both written and spoken Arabic and English. 

    ·  Proficiency MS. Excel and Related ERP Applications.