Accounting Manager - Manufacturing Pharma

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Industry: Phamaraceuticals
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:


    Supervise the financial activities/financial planning and develop/implement financial & accounting policies & procedures at he company through managing the documentation of the journal vouchers in terms of expenses, request for payments, purchasing,…etc. which will reveal a clear picture on the company's financial situation through periodic related financial reports. In addition to preparing monthly financial statements, quarterly consolidated financial statements, Bank reconciliation, monthly accounts reconciliation, control over accountants for pharmaceuticals trading.


    Executing plans and programs

    Executing plans and programs within the developed objectives.

    Conducting periodic meetings with subordinates regarding work priorities and ensuring work is flowing smoothly.


    Executive & Technical Duties

    Supervising & coordinating the implementation of financial & accounting programs i.e. budgets, cost analysis, cash flow …etc.

    Supervising & monitoring the overall financial operations, taking into consideration the level of accuracy that needs to be taken on each financial transaction.

    Supervising & coordinating the preparation of the journal voucher, financial reports, financial analysis based on MS PHARMA’s set financial policies.

    Developing & maintaining strong relationships with banks and external parties.

    Participating in developing, improving, and implementing the financial / accounting policies, procedures, chart of accounts, and systems to assure reliable control and reporting.

    Assisting in developing and implementing procedures to safeguard the company’s assets including internal control and sufficient insurance coverage.

    Preparing periodic reports for the Direct Manager regularly and when requested.

    Coordinating with the selected auditing company during the course of the external audit

    Managing the accounting/cost accounting activities and ensure they are in compliance with the set financial policies & procedures.

    Managing & supervising the preparation of financial claims for all concerned parties i.e. governmental ministries or private sectors according to the approved financial claims system in the company.

    Managing & supervising the preparation of financial statements along with proper book keeping based on the set financial policies.

    Preparing all papers & work requested by the CFO (financial statements amendments, Transfer issuing, accounts reconciliations)

    Printing and preparing all daily reports (Banks, LC, transfer status)

    Controlling all opened LCs, LC Amendments, issued transfers & cheques from other companies for pharmaceutical trading

    Reviewing daily data entries

    Reconciling subsidiaries accounts

    Following up with banks.

    Quarterly consolidated financial statements, combined financial statements, and helping in quarterly meeting reports, Budgeting Reports.


    Executive & Technical Duties

    Preparing Financial Statements on monthly basis, and preparing monthly trial balances.

    Reviewing salaries  and preparing all tax & social security payments, and controlling over purchases plans on a monthly bases

    Preparing purchases and sales reports and preparing & controlling cash flows biweekly.


    General Administrative Duties

    Developing periodic reports related to the activities of the department.

    Recommending training aspects to subordinates and evaluating the outcomes of development and reflecting them properly on work related requirements.

    Handling the manpower planning process as per the developed budgets and plans.

    Conducting performance management activities to subordinates and managing the process of ensuring objectives are being met as advised

    Following up on subordinates personnel affairs such as leaves, vacations …etc.

    Handling any other work related activities as per the direction of the Direct Manager.



    Internal Communication:

    Coordinating with other departments regarding the financial planning and budget preparation and the daily financial transactions.

    Coordinating with the concerned department to control opened L/Cs


    External Communication:

    Communicating with banks, financial institutions, and auditors regarding all work issues.

    Communicating with Social Security Authority regarding social security payments

    Communicating with Tax Authority regarding tax payments

    Communicating with Travel Agents regarding reservation

    Communicating with Chamber of Commerce regarding legal papers

    Communicating with suppliers regarding financial reconciliation

    Communication ChannelsCommunication Channels


  • Required Experience:

    - BA in Financial Management or Accounting or a related field.

    - A minimum of eight years experience in a related field.

    - Proficiency in both written and spoken Arabic & English languages.


    Knowledge in:

    Sales Tax

    Labor Law

    Feasibility Studies

    Customs Laws

    Corporate Governance

    Financial Transfers

    Interests Rates

    Commissions & LCs.