Senior Application Architect

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: IT
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Brief Description

    Enterprise level Software/Application Architect with hands on experience (Enterprise architecture, software engineering, ALM and Governance), Works on multiple projects as a project leader or internal consultant.

    The Senior Application Architect works on highly complex projects that require in-depth domain knowledge or two or more specialized architecture areas.


    §  Lead and coordinate the domain technical and business discussions relative to future architecture direction across the product portfolio or product line

    §  Analyze design and develop a roadmap and implementation plan based upon a current vs. future state in a cohesive architecture viewpoint

    §  Review and/or analyze and develop architectural requirements at domain level within product portfolio or team

    §  Participate in the EA domain governance model

    §  Contribute to the development of software and data delivery platforms that are service-oriented with reusable components that can be orchestrated together into different methods for different businesses

    §  Lead the research and evaluation of emerging technology, industry and market trends to assist in project development and/or operational support actives


    §  Technical Expertise

    o   Participates in domain technical and business discussions relative to future architecture direction aligning with business goals

    o   Gathers and analyzes data and develops architectural requirements at project level, aligning architectural requirements with software development strategy

    o   Reviews exceptions and makes recommendations to software architectural standards at a domain level

    o   Experience in health care industry interoperability/integration standards: HL7, IHE, DICOM, HIE, FHIR, EAI, EDI is a plus

    o   Strong background in Microservice, SOA, SaaS, PaaS

    o   Enterprise modeling tools, concepts and methodologies.

    §  Business Acumen

    o   Demonstrate knowledge of services delivery structure and the interplay of functions to support business goals

    o   Demonstrate knowledge of the business products, key processes, suppliers, customers and market/competitors

    §  Leadership

    o   Develops, motivates and directs staff to create a team environment

    o   Recommends expenditures based on the size, scope, and cost of hardware and software components. Assists in developing business cases

    o   Collaborates with project management on reporting project status, issues, risks and benefits. Meets with project leaders and software development Leaders to ensure progress towards architectural alignment with project goals and requirements

    o   Ensures understanding of issues and presents clear rationale

    §  Personal Attributes

    o   Applies values, business strategy, policies, precedent, and experience to make complex decisions with uncertain consequences

    o   Challenges conventional thinking and traditional ways of operating and invites stakeholders to identify issues and opportunities

    o   Takes a systems perspective that inter-relates internal and external factors for planning

    o   Envisions compares multiple potential medium range operational futures

  • Required Experience:


    §  Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in “STEM” Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

    §  A minimum of 12 years of technical experience along with established leadership credentials across disciplines and functions within a product OR Master’s degree with 8 years of experience OR PhD with 5 years of experience