Senior Project Manager

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: IT
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Brief Description

    The Senior Project Manager is responsible for managing implementation and service for Digital Transformation projects, will work with clients and employees to plan and execute projects on schedule and within budget


    §  Plan and implement projects at various customer work sites including the activities of staff and subcontractors

    §  Managing the delivery of various IT large-scale complex technology projects

    §  Providing direction and guidance to the cross-functional project team for setting tactical strategies based on solid experience in the full lifecycle of the project

    §  Primary customer contact for the duration of each project. May commission, resolve specification issues, handle correspondence, provide periodic updates, ensure customer satisfaction, and negotiate/coordinate with staff as appropriate

    §  Proactively provide customers with product and services information and project updates

    §  Translate customer needs / requirements into detailed project plans while driving internal execution to meet project targets

    §  Manage a network of resources (including contractors) in support of project execution

    §  Identify opportunities to expand the project in ways that bring value to our customer and satisfy our profitability requirements

    §  Take part in the writing of reports that describe the results of a project

    §  Participate in the development of proposals for projects

    §  Manage the project budget and timeline and ensure the resources are available to complete the project within budget and on time in order to meet customer obligations

    §  Ensure that delivered products and services achieve highest quality and performance levels

    §  Negotiate change orders with the customers

    §  Professionally represent the company during all customer communications

    §  Lead a varied staff that will include employees, customers, partner companies, or subcontractors



    §  Expertise

    o   Leading the technical aspects of the project on a strategic level, working on national projects, leading teams in different locations and with a multitude of skill sets

    o   Managing mega healthcare programs and projects

    o   Understanding healthcare workflow and processes

    o   Instructs others on how to thoroughly analyze data and present findings and recommendations in a way that is easy and simple for key stakeholders to make decisions; links analysis to overall business objectives and strategies

    o   Can instruct others on processes and procedures. Advises the customer on most favorable outcome, anticipates potential issues to proactively circumvent issues. Adapts to exceptions and develops new procedures and workarounds for others to use

    o   Resolves issues pertaining to scope, schedule and budget, or drive change management. Defines quality requirements

    o   Modifies processes to simplify

    o   Demonstrates ability to diagnose and solve intermediate to advanced issues

    o   Can isolate highly complex scenarios down to actionable items and drive solutions across disparate functions

    o   Embraces uncertainty, isolates root causes and implement corrective actions to evolve long term organizational best practices

    o   Coaches others on troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques. Serves as expert to solve highly critical escalated issues.

    §  Business Acumen

    o   Coaches/mentors others on best practices for project delivery and execution

    o   Acts as advisor to others in the area of customer satisfaction; focuses on tangible and intangible benefits to ensure customer awareness and satisfaction

    §  Leadership

    o   Proactively identifies and removes project obstacles or barriers on behalf of the team. Navigates accountability in a matrixed organization

    o   Communicates and demonstrates a shared sense of purpose

    o   Learns from failure

    o   Establishes & communicates team members' roles in relation to their function and data

    o   Shares knowledge, power and credit, establishing trust, credibility, and goodwill. Coordinates role responsibilities with that of others to achieve mutual goals

    o   Encourages groups to work together to efficiently resolve problems

    o   Proactively coaches and/or mentor’s others to improve their contribution to the team

    o   Fosters relationship building between team members and those outside the team

    §  Project Management experience in the Healthcare Digital industry PMI Certification

    §  Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college

    §  Minimum 5 years of experience as Project Manager

    §  Minimum 10 years of global IT experience

    §  Lean Six Sigma experience

    §  Fluent in English. Arabic is a plus