Research and Development Manager

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: FMCG
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:
    Job Summary:
    Responsible for research and development activities and the development and review of formulations for current and future products, collaborate with project teams to create new products from conceptualization to commercialization. Apply food science knowledge to determine best ways to process, package, preserve, store, and distribute food.

    Duties & Responsibilities: 
    ·   Work closely with Operations, Supply Chain and Brand Marketing in communication of technical information, related to new product testing.
    ·   Product development and production scale up along with daily execution of R&D related lab activities.
    ·   Evaluate current and alternative food ingredients, create product recipe and conduct sensory evaluation of new food products to ensure to meet customer needs and requirements.
    ·   Participates in cross-functional teams under the Innovation Center to ensure effective resolution of technical issues and support new product development programs.
    ·   Develop, modify and refine specifications for new and/or existing products.
    ·   Planning, execution, and evaluation of projects while maintaining food safety and regulatory requirements.
    ·   Generate samples and product matches for presentation to inside and outside customers, while maintaining awareness of current plant process capabilities.
    ·   Investigates, and implements significant new formulations, process improvements, and cost savings projects.
    ·   Act as a technical consultant to all operating units of the company on formulation and processing issues related to assigned projects or products.
    ·   Evaluates and makes recommendations concerning the application of new ingredient processing technologies.
    ·   Maintains record of work activities, objectives of test, formulas, processing conditions, required equipment and equipment setup.
    ·   Design and execute new product line test runs with the production team.
    ·   Troubleshoot and recommend modifications to existing product formula’s and/or processes to improve productivity, quality, and/or product cost.
  • Required Experience:
    ·    B.Sc. in Food Science. Preference will be given to holders of higher degrees such as, Professional Diploma,  M.Sc. and Ph.D. from a reputable institution .
    ·   Good experience and track record in food industries including working in operations and/or Laboratories. Experience in product development is a big plus.
    ·   Preference will be given to candidates with experience in food industries that involve, canned food, prepared ready to eat meals and snacks and aseptic filling.
    Skills & Abilities: 
    ·   Can demonstrate good command of research skills including desk research, laboratory work and ability to handle data and subsequent reporting.
    ·   Basic abilities with digital skills including the use of computers, MS Office, MS Project and other productivity tools as needed.
    ·   Ability to work within dynamic fast-moving professional teams.
    ·   Exceptional analytical and conceptual thinking skills.
    ·   Excellent documentation skills.
    ·   Exceptional command over verbal and written communication
    ·   Excellent command of English language (writing, reading, speaking)