Snr. Project Manager

  • Country: Oman
  • Industry: Electricity
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    ▪ Develop and participate in the development of new opportunities, prepare effective technical proposals,

    and take an active leadership role in the development of new business with new and existing clients.

    Develop and expand client relationships that generate repeat business.

    ▪ Capitalize on existing client relationships to expand companies profile and market share in the Solar

    energy regional market, primarily through excellence in technical delivery in addition to supporting

    business development activities conducted by the company.

    ▪ Direct and prepare scoping approaches, initial studies, Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental

    Assessments, Site Assessment and Construction and Operation Plans, Authority/Gov Body permitting,

    Environmental Impact Statements, and supporting technical studies. Oversee multiple projects

    simultaneously within scope/budget/schedule expectations and ensure quality standards on project


    ▪ Oversee and manage projects with complex teams consisting of in-house professional scientists and

    engineers and strategic teaming partners and subconsultants.

    ▪ Provide leadership in managing project related staff performance, and mentoring personnel for

    overall success of practice team

    ▪ In prospection phase, assess site technical constraints and consumption, and evaluate feasibility stage

    project configurations, characteristics and risks.

    ▪ In offer preparation phase, fully understand customer’s needs, perform technical due diligence of the

    site, and optimize the commercial offer through PV system performance, technical solution costs,

    robustness and quality. This may entail relying on external engineering resources.

    ▪ Prepare and follow-up local approvals and regulatory obligations.

    ▪ Select and on-board suppliers including EPCs and engineering consultants, in full respect of HSE, Quality

    and compliance guidelines and specifications. Engage in commercial negotiations and maintain

    relationships, to ensure equipment and contractors are optimally and sustainably procured.

    ▪ Manage projects construction contractors with focus on safety, quality, budget and planning.

    ▪ Ensure projects reporting, KPIs and maintain a good relationship for and in between all projects

    stakeholders (including Client, Contractors, Authorities)

    ▪ Supervise commissioning and testing of the plant, then manage operation and maintenance, in line

    with set contractual objectives.

    ▪ Work with the engineering team to conduct site investigation and assess the technical feasibility of

    developing a specific solar PV project.

    ▪ Draft the scope of work and estimate the respective project budget.

    ▪ Create and distribute RFPs to potential EPC subcontractors, establish evaluation metrics, and

    select winning proposals.

    ▪ Manage contract negotiations, change orders, and other agreements with EPC subcontractors and

    vendors, and oversee all subcontractors’ work in all phases.

    ▪ Develop and maintain project timeline, identify critical path and key

    milestones for project’s success.

    ▪ Communicate with utilities and authority having jurisdictions regarding interconnection, permitting,

    and other regulatory compliance issues.

    ▪ Identify the sources of likely problems and proactively take preventive measures to avoid any

    potential project risks, and determine response actions to mitigate any negative impact.

    ▪ Possess strong leadership, managerial, organizational and time management

  • Required Experience:

    25MW+ to Utility scale experience