Sr. Logistics and Procurement Officer

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    §  Manage Stock levels, in and out of stock as per processes and Maintain record of receipts and issuance of items out of the warehouse to ensure completeness and accuracy.

    §  Undertake periodic stock confirmation.

    §  Report, to be done by the end of each project, of all activities in the warehouse such as materials/consignment received, quantity, present location, stacking number, and outstanding balance to the management.

    §  Responsible for overseeing the inventory management process, defining departmental strategies.

    §  Ensure proper documentation of inventory material as per set standards.

    §  Develop methods and procedures for scheduling of materials from suppliers, in coordination with the operations department, few days prior to project.

    §  Create, manage and achieve the overall logistics.

    §  Coordinate and implement day-to-day activities related to office maintenance, office supplies and stationery.

    §  Maintain a log for the monthly consumption of office supplies and stationery.

    §  Plan the most efficient routes, itineraries, and accommodation details for IBC team.

    §  Revise related invoices and ensure that they are in order before sending them to accounting.

    §  To coordinate with the operations department regarding the necessary tools for each project.

    §  Arrange and follow up with the operations department/site manager to prepare the list of tools needed.

    §  Prepare the commitment bond for each given tool and a copy to be sent to HR.

    §  Prepare a quotation for unavailable tools.

    §  Review of purchasing arrangements with suppliers including price, delivery, performance and discounts to achieve reduced cost.

    §  Preparation of store / inventory reports and invoices for the Finance department.

    §  Coordinate and communicate with the operations department regarding travel dates.

    §  Coordinate and communicate with the operations department and the finance department regarding hotel reservations if needed.

    §  Coordinate and communicate with the finance department regarding the inventory.

    §  Coordinate and communicate with all departments to organize administration services and logistics requirements.

    §  Coordinate and communicate with subordinates to establish clear goals and objectives to ensure consistency, accuracy and quality

  • Required Experience:
    - BA in logistics, business, or any related field. 
    - Experience as a logistics/procurement officer.
    - Excellent Computer skills.
    - Excellent communications skills.
    - Fluency in English.