Operation's Director

  • Country: Palestine
  • Industry: FMCG
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Job Scope


    The role of the Operations Director focuses on improving operational excellence across the organization. The Operations Director is the go-to person for the organization's standard operating procedures and ensures the balance between procedural compliance of the network and resource optimization.


    Main Duties and Responsibilities, Include but are not limited to:

    • Build a resilient operations foundation for the organization that can support continued rapid growth including new merchants, new segments, new products, new geographies.
    • Guide the team’s path to realize its vision, from strategic scenario planning to quarterly reviews to weekly leadership team meetings.
    • Lead cross-functional clarity, collaboration and alignment to key priorities across the team.
    • Prototype, test, and iterate new processes and operating models that support scalable growth across merchant onboarding, visual operations, and more.
    • Design and influence multi-year roadmaps to ensure integration within the team and alignment to key partners throughout the organization.
    • Establish and manage the processes, tools and rhythms that drive the execution of day-to-day work across the team.
    • Mitigate roadblocks and gaps in the system and help implement the right people, process or technology solutions as needed.
  • Required Experience:

    Qualifications & Skills

    • Excellent Leadership, Analytical, and Interpersonal skills.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    • Strategic problem-solving skills.
    • A bias for action and the delivery of results.

    Minimum Requirements

    ·       BA, Masters in Management, Business or any related field.

    ·       10+ years of experience in operations as a managerial role.

    ·       Retail industry experience.

    ·       Fluency in English and Arabic