Vendor Manager

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: Services
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Job Purpose:

    We are looking for a hard-working vendor manager to oversee our vendor relationships. He/ She will be primarily responsible for analyzing current vendor performance and determine which one’s work in the best interest of the company. He/ She will also terminate contracts, when necessary, then research new vendors and establish relationships to ensure a smooth transition.

    To be successful as a vendor manager, the successful candidate should be detail-oriented and adept at negotiating vendor contracts. Ultimately, an outstanding vendor manager should be able to multitask effectively as well as demonstrate exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.


    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Develop and sustain long-standing relationships with company-approved vendors.
    • Meet with suitable vendors to assess their products, inquire about their services, negotiate pricing, and communicate any product or service-related concerns.
    • Conduct interviews with new vendors and inform approved vendors of their responsibilities and obligations.
    • Establish standards by which to assess the performance of approved vendors.
    • Search for qualified translators (full-time, freelance, or vendor) on different platforms such as but not limited to (LinkedIn, Proz, Translators café,etc.)
    • Vetting resources properly whether through testing or due diligence activities
    • Negotiate prices and rates with them, and making sure they fulfill their obligations by setting SLA’s and have them approved both by Ops and the other party.
    • Assist new freelance translators through onboarding,
    • Review current vendors and analyze if they meet current company needs.
    • Cancel contracts with vendors that are no longer needed.
    • Research and establish relationships with new vendors when necessary.
    • Organize and track all documentation between the company and vendors.
    • Resolve vendor disputes or issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Required Experience:


    ·      Bachelor’s degree in Business, Linguistics or any related field.

    ·       Experience in language service provider and the ability to use different VM related software programs is a plus.

    ·       Proficiency and good command of MS Visio and business modeling techniques.

    ·       Exceptional leadership, critical thinking, collaboration, and communications skills.

    ·       Superb recordkeeping, time management, and organizational skills.

    ·       Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.

    ·       Ability to establish and govern business process towards excellence performance

    ·       Ability to make decisions fast and establish rules towards proper business management.

    ·       Ability to facilitate business process and monitor other members of staff towards attaining business goal.