Marketing Coordinator

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: FMCG
  • Level: Middle

  • Description:

    Job Summary


    Marketing coordinator’s job entails managing a wide range of Marketing processes and projects.



    Marketing coordinator interacts with sales and customer service departments to ensure that the collateral and other communications reflect brand of the company accurately.

     Responsibilities And Obligations:

    Ø  Assisting the Marketing Manager in coordinating various integrated marketing activities in compliance with approved policies and procedures in the related process according to the quality management system standard

    Ø  Supervise the production or implementation of marketing materials

    Ø  Executing a wide variety of details that involve direct mail, email broadcast campaigns, outbound calls, marketing trade shows and events, public relations, customer communications, media advertisements, promotions, and other marketing plans

    Ø  Tracking campaigns, preparing performance analysis reports of post campaign and making recommendations to concurrent programs for corrective modifications

    Ø  Provide product positioning materials as well as training for customer service and sales department

    Ø  Attending trade shows, company sponsored promotions and events

    Ø  Weekly visits to the market

    Ø  Assist the marketing manager in meetings with the suppliers or clients

    Ø  Respect and perform any task assigned by the manager not mentioned in the job description, contribute to improving the work.

  • Required Experience:


    Ø  Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or business administration  

    Ø  Fluent in Arabic, English or French

    Ø  Computer literate


    Ø  Company's Mission & Vision & Objectives

    Ø  Human Resource’s Policies

    Ø  Methods for promoting and selling products.



    Ø  Persuasive, encouraging and motivating

    Ø  Excellent Communication skills

    Ø  Multitasking



    Ø  Presentable

    Ø  Confidential

    Ø  Work under stress

    Ø  Team Work



    Ø  Minimum 2 years’ experience in field position