Forwarding Manager

  • Country: Jordan
  • Industry: Logistics & Shipping
  • Level: Senior

  • Description:

    Ensure that the Forwarding, Clearance, and logistical services provided by the company are well founded and managed by using the best practices to attract customers and fulfill their needs in terms of professional and efficient delivery of services.

    Sales & Marketing

      • Develop the business; compiling sales and market data, analyzing marketing data, and performing the required sales and marketing assessment and reports (SWOT, PESTEL, shares,..etc), setting sales objectives, and developing business plans.
      • Set the objectives of the function and put the monthly marketing and sales plan according to the set objectives.
      • Ensure that the sales team is conducting the sales calls and achieving the required goals.
      • Visit VIP customers and attend to their requests.
      • Ensure that all offers are correct and profitable and ensure the regular review of credit customers, discounts lists,..etc.
      • Maintaining good relations with customers and ensuring resolution to their requests, complaints, and problems.



      • Ensure that the operational department’s processes are done properly through monitoring that all emails and requests received by the department are being attended to in a professional, correct, and timely manner. Including replies on requests, offers, and closing of deals.
      • Ensure that the operations are managing the running of the operations in a timely and professional manner, including solving problems and always following up on shipments.
      • Ensure that the documentation of all processes is completed in a clear, timely, and professional manner.
      • Swift attention to all clients’ complaints within the specified time frame and with prompt feedback to management.
      • Ensure the utilization of reliable and professional logistics suppliers and providers; ex: clearance, trucking, shipping lines, ..etc.
      • Ensure that all financial request and transactions are well handled with dispatch and address seemingly delay with management.
      • Ensure all facilities are in place for transporters and that all safety standards are met with other specific requirements from clients.



      • Developing the required monthly/ quarterly and annual reports to management; sales reports, performance reports, competitors’ profiles, anticipated changes in the market.
      • Representing the company in any conferences, network meetings locally and internationally.
      • Identifying KPIs; Ensuring that all employees are in line with the overall strategy.
      • Supervising and leading the Sales and Operations teams.
      • Negotiating and managing the relationships with the different logistical Networks
  • Required Experience:

    ·       Job-Relateded Experience:        

    Experience in the Forwarding/ NVOCC fields.

    10+ years of managerial experience in mid to high-level positions

    ·       Education:    Bachelor’s Degree in business administration/ Industrial Engineering or any related subjects.

    Other Skills & Knowledge:

      • Extensive experience in the different methods of transportation (Sea, land, and airfreight).
      • Experience in Trade, pricing, and Contracts Management.
      • Objective-driven person with a high ability to excel in a competitive environment.
      • Dynamic and fast-paced professional who is vigilant and adaptive to changes.
      • Proven strategic thinking and management abilities.
      • Financial acumen and strong analytical skills.
      • Strong Communication abilities.
      • Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
      • Strong problem-solving and negotiation skills.
      • Strong teamwork spirit, hard-working and self-motivated.